our story

thank you for visiting binky beads. i'm so excited to have you here. 

    my name is kali and i'm the owner and founder of this little teething company. when my son was around 8 months old, he started soaking his fabric pacifier clips with drool. it was a slimy, soppy mess and just plain gross. a friend of mine had a cute silicone bead clip for her daughter she had found on amazon, but when i went to look for something less pink i was left with limited options... i started researching how i could make my own and had to buy enough supplies that i could make five. i wasn't too worried, i figured i could give them away or maybe even sell them. after completing my first clip, i was in love! i shared them with my mom group and they fell in love too, they "sold out" in minutes. i started receiving custom requests, and binky beads was born.

    i opened up shop in april of 2017 and have grown immensely since then. i have created countless color patterns and clip designs, i've worked with shop prickly pair to bring tree huggers and sprouts to life, and i've helped hundreds of little ones become #happyteethingbabies. seeing your little ones happy AND teething brings so much joy in my life.

    i am so excited to work with you! please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

    with love, kali